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Termite Treatments


Termites are a devastating pest. They will do hidden damage before they are visible as they work undercover inside the walls of your home. We will inspect to determine the best treatment plan for your home. We apply the most effective termiticide available today, Termidor.

Common signs there may be termites invading your home:


Mud Tunnels & Tubes


Mud tunnels and tubes are often seen on the exterior of your house at the start of an infestation. This one can be spotted and treated quickly without creating further damage. Termites leave tunnels through the ground outdoors when traveling from their nest to your house. They create tubes of mud along with structures they can’t burrow through, such as concrete or brick.


Bubbling Paint, Sagging Ceilings & Floors


Floors and ceilings that sink or sag is an indication of more serious termite damage. Wood that has been damaged to this level often needs to be replaced. Sagging can also occur due to humidity or dry rot, but the presence of grooves and holes along with sagging is usually a sign of termite infestation.




Swarmers also are known as reproductives are young winged termites. They use their wings to travel through the nest and make a new colony. If you find their shed wings near doors or windows- it’s a sign of termite infestation in your house.


Frass & Wings


Drywood termites create wood-colored pellets while eating through wood. If you spot a small pile of tiny pellets that are concaved with 6 sides and rounded ends inside or outside of your home, it can be a termite infestation. Also, termite swarmers discard their wings, if you see piles of wings on window sills, doorways and trapped in cobwebs it’s a sign there is an infestation.

Our termite technicians are trained on the latest and most effective termite treatment techniques.  We attend continuing education classes annually to stay up to date on the best treatment options available.  We provide a thorough inspection and a proposal for treatment that is specific to the needs for your home. The proposal for treatment include disclosure documents, treatment specifications, label of the chemical to be applied, complete warranty details and a consumer information sheet. Call our office today to schedule your complimentary termite inspection.

Quarterly Services

The quarterly pest control service is our most common requested service for our residential customers. We provide service both inside and outside of your home. This treatment includes a warranty and there are no obligations or contracts. We offer appointments that work with your schedule. We find this is the best service to keep your home pest free year round. Quarterly services range from $90.00 to $150.00 or higher depending on your level of service. Call us today to discuss this valuable service.

Termite warranty renewal visits

We include a one year warranty with most treatments. After your initial termite treatment, you can renew your termite treatment warranty. The renewal fee includes a re-inspection of your home.

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