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Flea Treatments


Fleas are small, wingless, hard-bodied insects that move quickly and are highly prolific. They bite wild animals, domestic pets, and humans. Their bites often cause severe itching, particularly when multiple bites are part of the picture. Fleas have the potential to transmit bacterial infections, disease, and internal parasites.


The itching caused by their bites often results in secondary infections and skin damage caused by scratching. Flea infestations that are left untreated quickly spiral out of control, and pet owners should be aware that the visual presence of even one lone flea usually means that there are hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, that you don't see.



Fleas are best treated before their numbers reach epidemic proportions. You should contact us as soon as you start seeing fleas.  A common mistake is to treat the pets themselves as well as their bedding when it becomes obvious that intervention is necessary. Although this is a great start, it isn't enough.


It is important to treat your pet, home and usually the yard at the same time. The fleas are content to stay on your pet as they need a host to survive, however the eggs will fall from your pet infesting your home and yard. Our technicians are trained to control flea infestations using the proper pesticides and methods. Call our office today for more information.



One of our friendly technicians will treat the inside and outside of your home and develop a customized plan for protection.



Pests are active year-around. That means you need protection year-around.

Our custom treatments adapt with the season to address seasonal pest activity in your area, giving you protection all year long.

We'll come back to re-treat outside your home every season for a total of four treatments, including the initial service.

And if pests come back, so will we - at no cost to you. It is all a part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Our technicians are trained to control flea and tick infestations, no matter the circumstance. Fleas and ticks are a nuisance and can make humans and pets miserable when they are present. We recommend treating your home and yard the same day. It is also advisable to have your pet treated the same day as your home and yard. It is best to treat at the first sighting of fleas or ticks as they can multiply very quickly.  Call us today to learn more about flea and tick treatments.

4  Treatments  Annually

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