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Property Managers


Outside Treatment (Every Time)

  • Power spray three feet up the foundation and 3'- 5' out from the foundation to create a barrier around your home (including all bushes and flower beds)

  • Treat base of windows to prevent insects from entering

  • Treat all lower eaves and inspect upper eaves for wasps and spiders

  • Inspect yard for fire ants

  • Inject dust in weep holes (on initial and during winter months) to eliminate reproduction in harborage areas

  • Treat perimeter of fence line to prevent migration of pests

  • Knock down spider webs and wasp nests in eaves with a Webster duster

  • Soak expansion joints to eliminate nesting areas

Inside Treatment (as needed)

  • Treat baseboards and corners throughout the entire house

  • Injection System to flush out pests nesting inside your home

  • Garage treatment for protection against spiders and other pests

  • Window tracks and base of windows for flies and spiders

  • Entryways to prevent all common pests from entering

As Needed (other included services)

  • Rodent extermination

  • Bait for household ants

  • Flea extermination in carpet

  • Bait for roaches

  • Extermination of pantry pests in cupboards

  • Bait or dust attic

  • Bait or dust crawlspace

Treating Your Business

  • Provide inside and outside inspections at each visit

  • Choose the appropriate treatment to control unwanted pests in and around the structure

The staff at C&B Pest Control is licensed and  trained to service all types of properties managed by professional property managers. We service residential homes,  duplexes and multi family dwellings for pest control and termite control. We are familiar with work order procedures and currently have relationships with many property management companies in San Antonio. Simply notify us of your request and we will act immediately to take care of the issue. Call our office today to discuss our services available.

Call us to schedule your FREE INSPECTION and get started today!

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